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Maltese Pet Grooming

Grooming a Maltese that is normally done by a professional dog groomer can seem to be a very difficult task for the average pet owner. However, with the
correct training, grooming tools along with patience and persistence it can become a money saver and also wonderful bonding time for you and your maltese.

Below, we have groomed our little Maltese pet "Porsha". She is in one Maltese Pet Style there are many out there.
This is a style I have created that is a cross between a cocker cut and a Maltese Puppy Cut. I personally like the hair that is left intact on the legs, head and also the sizes of the body. I also like to leave hair on the head for a Maltese single top knot. So please enjoy our Maltese Grooming Photos, and the steps we take to achieve this cute Maltese Pet Style. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Model:: Ceeanjels Lil Bit of Majesty
Maltese Pet Grooming

This is a picture of my Maltese Porsha grown out and before her Maltese pet grooming session.

Maltese Ear Grooming

Above, is a picture of me plucking the hair from her ears you can use your fingers, tweezers or forceps clamps. Be sure to put ear powder in to help with the grip and also to help the hair to be painlessly removed.

Maltese Grooming Bath
After placing cotton balls in the ears to avoid water getting in the ears, give your Maltese a bath using shampoo and conditioner. Bathing the Maltese first will make the hair clean and easy to clip with the electric clippers.

Maltese Toy Breed Pet Grooming Precut
This is after I had washed, conditioned and blow dried Porsha's coat. She is now ready to be groomed.

Maltese Grroming Front View
A view of the front before being groomed.

Grooming a Maltese Pet Step 1
I have placed her hair on the top of her head up in a grooming band since I prefer to have a Maltese single top knot. I then take my clippers and begin clipped behind the top knot at the top of the neck. I use a 5F blade for this. You can use a shorter blade with a clip attachment if you prefer.
This 5F blade will leave the coat 1/4" long.

Grroming a Maltese Step 2

Maltese Pet Clip Side View
This picture above shows the hair after I have clipped the hair on the body and neck about half way down from the back to the belly. I leave the hair in tact like a little skirt all the way around the body.

Maltese Scissor Cutting
This is the skirt before I trim it. It looks jagged and messy.

Maltese Scissor Side Cut
Now it is time to trim the skirt of hair, I use sheers and trim the skirt of hair on the sides straight across. Also trimming the belly to give a nice clean looking trim.
Maltese Grooming Leg Trim
After I have completed the body it is time for the legs. I take my shears and I scissor cut the hair on the legs. I do not shave them! I like a little hair on the legs. I comb the hair straight out away from the leg and then trim all the way around each leg.

Maltese Tail Trim
Then I comb out the tai. They often get a knotted tail from their bed, or sitting on it. If needed you can carefully use a matt breaker. Be Careful! They are very sharp and you always cut away from the maltese and your hand. After all the mattes are removed comb the tail out nice and straight and trim the tail. I make it shorter towards the base of the tail and then taper it longer to have a nice little plumb over the back.

Maltese Pet Teddy Bear Facial Trim
Now for the little head. It is a personal preference but for view purposes I have put Porsha hair up into a cute little single top knot and then begin the face and beard trimming.

Maltese Facial Grooming
I carefully trim under her chin and follow that all the way around to make a cute little teddy bear face cut. Be careful of the ears! Do not cut too short on the ears!

Maltese Paw Trim Groom
I then take my little peanut clippers and I trim the hair on the feet and between the pads. I will then follow up with a nail trim, if you are not comfortable you have have your vet do it to avoid cutting the quick. Maltese often do not like having their feet touched. You have to train them with this from puppy stage.

Maltese Pet Groom
This is a side view of the finished Maltese Pet Groom!

Maltese Pet Cut Grooming

Front View (Looks like Porsha is happy to be done :o))

Maltese Baby Doll Face

This is a close up of the teddy bear face style I like. Porsha is wearing our 5/8" Emerald Green Glitter Bow.

I hope this maltese dog grooming article helped you. Please feel free to leave us comments or questions here.
Happy Grooming!!

If you have comments or questions feel free to leave feedback or email me
we would love to hear from you!